Carleton Farm Corn Maze 2014

Theme:  12th FAN Challenge

Open Sept 27 - November 1st.


 This Year's Theme:  12TH FAN Challenge!

Triple your FUN!  One Maze, but 3 games to choose from!

 Our Corn Maze operates during the day and nights(Fri&Sat).  Details Below

Day-time Maze:

Open Daily 10 AM to 6 PM (also open on November 1st)

Last ticket sold at 5 PM to allow sufficient time to complete the maze


$6.00 per person
Age 3 and under FREE
$25.00 Family (2 parents and up to 4 of their immediate children under age 18)

Group reservations:  groups 25 or more save $1.00 per person when tickets are purchased in one transation.  Must make a reservation in order to get this pricing. 

MAZE GAMES (Play 1 or all 3):

FSI (Farm Scene Investigation) - for adults and teens

Farmer Joe is missing and so is his favorite apple pie! Navigate your way through our maze... Be a detective... Discover who dunit! Find 6 scenes to figure out which of the 7 suspects is guilty. They're your typical farmy bunch.   Punch your card to keep track of the clues.  Time is critcal to save Farmer Joe!

Farm Scene Tracks - for younger kids

Younger sleuths track down the culprit who stole Farmer Joe's Pie!  Trace over animal tracks at each stations to unveal the culprit.

12TH FAN CHALLENGE12th man flag-seahawks-corn maze

How do you rate as a fan?  Navigate the maze and try and make it through 4 downs of trivia fun.  As a fan, you have to get the correct answer or you may be forced to do a little cheer all while avoiding the penalties.

Field Caution!   The corn maze has uneven ground and can be muddy and slippery after rain storms (hey it's a farm).  We recommend boots and play closes.  Strollers, walkers and other wheeled items are not recommended for the trails.  Not recommend for infants or toddlers barely walking as trail system is over 2 miles long.

Maze by Night (No-haunt Dark Maze corn maze)

Explore the 12th fan maze in the dark! No haunts here but plenty of chills wondering the spooky hallows of our corn field.  Bring a friend you can out run should you need to.  And don't forget a flashlight!

Price: $10.00 per person

Open Friday & Saturday nights in October, 7 - 9 PM

Looking for something scarier?


Explore the No-haunt maze, Haunted Swamp & Zombie Farm for a single price.  See details at Carleton Farm's