Salute to the 12th Man!

One maze, but 3 games to choose from:

FSI (Farm Scene Investigation)

Farmer Joe is missing and so is his favorite apple pie!

Navigate your way through our maze... Be a detective... Discover who dunit!

Two challenges:

Find 6 scenes to figure out which of the 7 suspects is guilty. They're your typical farmy bunch.   Punch your card to keep track of the clues.  Time is critcal (that pie is getting cold). Save Farmer Joe!

Younger sleuths track down the “Apply Pie” culprit!  Trace over animal tracks at each stations to unveal the culprit.

Navigate the maze and solve the crimes!


How do you rate as a fan?  Navigate the maze and try and make it through 4 downs of trivia fun.  As a fan, you have to get the correct answer or you may be forced to do a little cheer all while avoiding the penalties.


$6.00 per person
Age 3 and under FREE
$25.00 Family (up to 2 adults and 4 youths under age 18)

Groups of 25 or more save $1.00 per person when tickets are purchased in one transation.

Open Daily, Sep 28- Oct 31, 10 AM to 5 PM
Last ticket sold at 5 PM to allow sufficient time to complete the maze


Please note that our corn maze has uneven ground and can be muddy at times (hey it's a farm)!  We recommend boots and play clothes for the kids.  Please allow about an hour to navigate our maze.  Strollers, walkers or other wheeled items are not recommended.


Explore our maze by night

Explore our maze in the dark! No haunts here, but plenty of chills just wondering the spooky hallows of our corn fields.  Bring a friend your can our run should you need to (you catch our drift).  And don't forget a flashlight!

Price: $10.00 per person

Open Friday & Saturday nights in October, 7 - 9 PM

Haunted Swamp & Zombie Farm

Haunted Swamp

The hungry Swamp Monster awaits his next victim.  You may be next as you pass through the narrow corn trails. But wait, there are doors!  What should you do?  Each door has a different destination, so choose wisely, maybe it’s Doll Girl or Rotten Jack.  Both hungry for blood!  You know you have survived if you made it to the jumping alligator bridge.

Zombie Farm 

This is a mini, so is little shorter than our main haunt.  There has been a Zombie viral outbreak at the farm.  Try and survive the Zombie attacks in the dark…yes there are no lights!  Be sure and keep quiet as Zombies react to sounds and will hunt you down at all cost.  Beware of the barn, as I heard they ambushed our farmhands and are feasting savagely on their bloody corps.  Trick is to not be their next meal!

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